"Becoming a “global citizen” with the Talented Bachelor Program of Business Administration"

09:32:51June 6th, 2019

The Talented Bachelor Program of Business Administration of Tay Do University helps students meet the high demands of national labor market as well as international one.

These days, in order to meet the market needs for current business activities, the enterprises are required to develop incessantly. Never have a large quantity of enterprises been developed as today. The current scale of enterprises is about 600,000, and the target in 2010 is that there will be 1 million units including groups, big enterprises, joint venture companies and companies with 100% of foreign capital. This creates more job opportunities in the field of Business Administration. However, it also brings remarkable challenges of human resource quality.


With the aim of training students to become “global citizens”, the Talented Bachelor Program of Business Administration of Tay Do University is based on the international education system, providing students with vital professional knowledge, good working skills and foreign language skills to meet the demands of international labor market ( the English requirement for graduation is equivalent to IELTS 5.5, TOEFL 500 or TOEIC 600). In addition, students have opportunities to participate in various seminars with leaders from enterprises, to exchange practical knowledge, and to join English courses in Philippines.

Besides all the above, students are also provided with training courses on working skills and soft skills including skills for communication, skills for working in individual and in team, skills for negotiation and presentation, skills for time management, skills for working plan and deployment, skills for integration, and proficiency in the use of foreign languages and informatics within the requirements of assigned positions. At the same time, working style and morality, organizational culture are trained with great attention, helping students gain autonomy and responsibility, the ability of knowledge update and lifelong self-learning.


The Talented Bachelor Program of Business Administration offers students more job opportunities. After graduating, students have a lot of favorable conditions to obtain positions in multinational corporations, companies with 100% of foreign capital, economic groups and national corporations,…They have more opportunities to become chief executive officers and chief financial officers in these enterprises. Moreover, they are able to set up and run their own business and to study abroad for knowledge improvement.

Associate Prof. Dr. Vo Khac Thuong - Vice Chairman of the Board, Vice Principal of Tay Do University said thatAt present, first year students of the Talented Bachelor Program of Business Administration have been in Cebu-Philippines to attend a one-month English course at Winning English School. This is to help students improve their English skills in a friendly and active learning environment and to create good conditions for their real communication with native speakers”.

Attending the Talented Bachelor Program of Business Administration at Tay Do University is a judicious choice for your bright future,  a stable position in society and a firm foundation for success.

Translator: Ms Dang Thi Bao Dung                                               

Vice Head of English Department at TDU