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"Tay Do University achieves the educational quality accreditation"

10:50:50May 19th, 2019

On March 30, a certificate of accreditation for educational quality was signed to award for Tay Do University with 82% of the eligibility criteria.

Tay Do University is one of the universities that have the early preparation for quality assurance in human resource training. After more than a year of preparation, on March 30th, Director of Institute for Education Quality Assurance (INFEQA) - Hanoi National University (VNU) signed a certificate of educational quality accreditation standard for Tay Do University with the 82% of satisfactory criteria.

Associate Prof. Dr. Vo Khac Thuong - Vice Chairman of the Board, Vice Principal Tay Do University – said that

 “This achievement confirms the position and role of Tay Do University in training the qualified human resources meeting the standards of educational quality accreditation (SEQA). The missions for the school leaders and the teaching staff are constantly to innovate the teaching methods and improve the training quality",

In the course of 12 years for construction and development, Tay Do University received a certificate of merit from the Prime Minister in the academic years 2011-2012 and 2014-2015. In addition, Tay Do University was also awarded the certificate of merit by the Ministry of Education and Training in the academic years 2009-2010, 2010-2011, and 2012-2013.

Tay Do University is a multidisciplinary university with multiple levels, in which there are currently offering 19 Bachelor degree programs, 3 Master degree programs with more than 8,400 undergraduates and postgraduates. There are currently 612 faculty members, including 7 Professors, 18 Association Professors, 80 Ph.Ds and 327 Master’s degree holders at Tay Do University.

The school is developing with the goal of becoming a high-quality training institution for graduates and undergraduates.

Tay Do University is in the mission of training the highly-qualified human resources with researchability for applying multi-disciplinary science that contributes to promoting socio-economic development in Mekong Delta Region.

Tay Do University is striving to become the leading multi-disciplinary private university in Mekong Delta by 2030 with the research orientation and application for the community service. In particular, the formal training activities strive to promote on a par with Southeast Asia.

 The school’s purpose is to create and become the high-quality training foundation for graduate and postgraduate study with scientific research-based learning, technology transfer and social demands. Especially, Tây Đô University focuses on some fields of health, economics - business administration - marketing, English language ... With this goal, Tay Do University is gradually asserting its position.

This year, Tay Do University applies 2 forms for admission criteria including considering the results of the national high school exam and high school transcript review. With the form of transcript review, high school students who score a total of 3 subjects for admission from 18 points or more will be eligible. The admission score is the 12th grade average or the average of 3 years of 10th, 11th and 12th  grade terms.

For further information, please contact the Admissions Advisory Board - Tay Do University: No. 68 Tran Chien, Thanh My area, Le Binh Ward, Cai Rang District, Can Tho City; hotline: 0939 028 579 - 0939 440 579.

Please see the enrollment information, register for admission or get some advice at www.ts.tdu.edu.vn.

Translator: Ms Dang Thi Bao Dung

    Vice Head of English Department at TDU

Source: https://news.zing.vn/dai-hoc-tay-do-dat-kiem-dinh-chat-luong-giao-duc-post836092.html