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"The reasons why you should not “miss” Tay Do Univeristy’s English Speaking Club"

15:36:17October 24th, 2019

The university gate opens up a lot of opportunities for students to build their intended future.  In addtion to specialised knowledge, academic clubs and  activities are always the ideal environments for you to train and develop necessary skills. With the aim of improving students’ foreign language competence, the ESC of Tay Do University was established for the following  reasons that students should not "ignore":

1. The ideal English communication environment


Attending courses helps you master the theoretical knowledge while the ESC

is the ideal place where you can consolidate, apply and practise the knowledge that you have learnt. Joining the ESC, students who are " afraid to speak" or "afraid to be wrong" will certainly be given lots of opportunities to enhance their confidence and communication skills with foreign speakers.


In addition, various activities at the club help you to improve teamwork skills - an essential skill in modern and dynamic workplace environments which is prioritised by businesses.

2. Diversified Activities

Every week, the ESC has different topics which are familiar to the student's life.


Singing, dancing, quizzes, word matching, along with lots of rewards, contribute to create joy and motivation during club activities.

3. Soft Skill Improvement


Joining our ESC provides many benefits in addition to developing necessary language skills.  You are also given more opportunities to train your presentation skills, problem-solving skills, communication skills, critical thinking skills, and event-planning skills; all of these contribute to making you more confident and active in our modern integrated environment.

4. Learning Inspiration and Experience from Friends


At the ESC students’ levels are not all equal.  Some possess confidence and limited vocabulary; some have fluency; others are shy and are afraid of making mistakes. Tay Do’s ESC is open to all students who want to participate in a safe learning environment, which they can do with their friends and. During the process of practicing, you are supported by your peers; assisted by our wonderful English faculty team; and encouraged and correctedby foreign teachers. Thanks to this triple approach, your knowledge and skills will be dramatically improved.


The students at the ESC come from different majors and courses. You are encouraged to learn and to research through sharing and exchanging authentic materials and study experiences.

5. Relationship Expansion

At the ESC, there are a lot of students with different majors and differing fortes, interests and hobbies. The fact that you can express yourself freely through interesting activities at the ESC helps you to relieve stress after all those long learning hours in the classroom.


The multi-level, multi-disciplinary  environment experienced in our ESC brings you opportunities to discover amazing things from all of Tay Do’s graduate  courses, and connecting you with other people. Tay Do’s ESC is like a small society in which you can train yourself before participating in professional working environments.



The ESC is held from 8:00 -10:00 am every Friday at the conference room (F building- Tay Do University). Different topics inspire students’ creativeness during their learning process.

The ESC is hosted by Ms. Hazel Marie Enriquez and Mr. Duane Matsen, who are friendly, light-hearted and experienced foreign teachers. Each ESC meeting is supported by the remarkable efforts Tay Do’s English Department.  They also involve themselves in the Club’s activities and encourage students who are initially shy.