The University continues to boost investment in the construction of facilities on an area of more than 12.6 hectares in the Le Binh and Hung Thanh districts, Cay Rang district, Can Tho City, in accordance with Decision No. 4239/QD-Council of 16 December 2005 and Decision No. 343/QD-UBND of 4 February 2008 of the People's Committee of Can Tho City.

Over the course of 18 years of operation, modern equipment has been increasingly invested in and developed to serve the teaching, scientific research, and learning needs of staff, faculty, and students. The school focuses on developing facilities and teaching equipment to meet the requirements of teaching and learning activities, contributing to improving the quality of training, and meeting the standards of quality assurance conditions and development goals of the school.

The facilities of the School now include F classrooms with structures of 1 floor and 5 floors, U classrooms with structures of 1 floor and 3 floors, and 03 classrooms on the ground floor, with a total area of more than 76,129 m2. These facilities cater to more than 10,000 enrolled students, including garage space, office areas, generators, fire protection systems, electric lighting systems, water supply, and a library with more than 24,000 books and over 50 ADSL-connected computers for accessing books and data. Additionally, there are 11 computer rooms with 550 machines and 300 office machines connected to the Internet, along with 100 projectors. The school also provides learning and working laboratories, including Electrical-Electronic laboratories, Aquaculture-Biochemistry labs, Physical labs, Construction labs, Erectile labs, Chemical labs, Organic chemistry labs, Analytical chemical labs, Laboratory Centers, Chemicals labs, Microbiology labs, Rehabilitation labs, Pharmaceutical labs, Pharmacological labs, Plastic Medicine labs, Clinical clinics, Chemistry clinics, Pharmacology clinics, Pre-Clinical Care clinics, Pharmacy clinics, Premedicine clinics, Pre-Experimental Health Labs, Immunology labs, Hydrotherapy labs, Transplantation labs, Pharmology labs, Pharmatics labs, and People's Clinical Clinic Plastic labs, as well as Pharmological Clinics, Pharmakology labs, Medical Laboratory Pre-Pharmacy labs, and Laboratory Pre-Pharmacy labs.

To strengthen the sports training movement, the university has invested in the construction of football courts, volleyball courts, and training facilities for other sports. This initiative aims to provide students, staff, and teachers with opportunities to train and compete in a sports-oriented and entertaining environment. Additionally, the university collaborates with local enterprises, research, and manufacturing facilities to facilitate practical internships, skills training, and development opportunities for students.