"Tdu helps students achieve their dreams of entering university and supports them throughout the learning process"

11:17:29April 4th, 2024

Tay Do University is dedicated to enhancing its content and training programs, innovating teaching techniques to keep up with the changing landscape of human resources training during the integration period. In addition, the university also prioritizes the spiritual well-being and development of students through various activities and training opportunities to support their overall growth. Furthermore, TDU consistently supports and encourages students' academic pursuits through scholarships and talent promotion policies, therefore providing an opportunity for disadvantaged students in the Mekong Delta region to pursue their dreams by continuing their education and potentially entering university.

TDU aims to promote a love of learning and offer support for students facing difficult circumstances to continue their studies and practice. This is achieved through regular study promotion programs, which are available not only to enrolled students but also to disadvantaged students throughout the country who are working hard to excel academically. The school has awarded eight scholarships to support impoverished students in the Mekong Delta provinces, totaling over 120 million VND since 2020.

Tay Do University awarded scholarships to students with difficult circumstances in the Mekong Delta provinces


In addition, the study promotion association of TDU over the years of operation has received a lot of attention and help from the Can Tho City Association, the Board of Trustees, the Party Committee, the Board of Directors, the faculties and departments, the teachers and staffs of the school. The Southwest Steering Committee and the Can Tho City Study Promotion Association, along with local and international supporters such as sponsors, banks, companies, and businesses, have generously contributed financial aid, educational resources, and other necessities to support the growth of the Association. The efforts have resulted in over 1.500 scholarships being awarded, totaling more than 3 billion VND, to help students facing challenging circumstances achieve academic success and excel in their studies.

TDU's Study Promotion Association offers annual scholarships to students facing financial hardship to support their academic pursuits

MSc. Trieu Thai Duong - Vice President of the Study Promotion Association of TDU shared: “Over the past few years, TDU has been focusing on promoting the study and development of talent, which has gained significant attention and support from the school's Board of Directors. As a result, the efforts have been successful in creating a positive impact both within and outside the school. With the results achieved, the Executive Committee of TDU's Study Promotion Association will continue to maintain and strive further in the work of promoting study and talent of the University in particular as well as of society in general. In addition, the Study Promotion Association continues to strengthen advocacy work from school leaders to businesses, sponsors, organizations, and Study Promotion Funds to create learning motivation in students.”

During the enrollment period for 2023, TDU is offering a variety of tuition policies and scholarships for new full-time students, with a total value exceeding 4 billion VND. We are offering up to 1,000 scholarships worth between 1 and 2.5 million VND to candidates who submit their admission documents and pay tuition fees promptly.