Vision - Mission - Goal - Core values


By 2035, Tay Do University aims to become one of the leading multidisciplinary private universities oriented towards applied innovation and entrepreneurship, key drivers of the Mekong Delta region. By 2045, it aims to excel in certain fields comparable to those in the Southeast Asian region.


Tay Do University is committed to providing quality multidisciplinary human resources, effective applied research, and innovative creativity, contributing to social progress and sustainable development in the Mekong Delta region.

Development Objectives by 2035

The strategic goal by 2035 is to establish and develop Tay Do University into a reputable institution for undergraduate and postgraduate education, focusing on applied research, and quality assurance. It aims to meet the sustainable development needs in fields such as economics, culture, society, environmental protection, and healthcare in the Mekong Delta region and the whole country.

Core Values: Intellect - Creativity - Dynamism – Innovation

 Tay Do University is committed to building a culture of quality integration and development, placing utmost importance on four core values: "Intellect - Creativity - Dynamism - Innovation."

  • Intellect: Essential for strategic vision in management, teaching, and learning.
  • Creativity: Vital for societal development in the knowledge-based society.
  • Dynamism: Essential quality for teaching, learning, scientific research, application, integration into society for entrepreneurship, and livelihood.
  • Innovation: Educational innovation is both an objective necessity and a genuine demand of society in the current era.