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After 10 years of operation, the facilities are increasingly being improved and developed so as to facilitate teaching, learning and research.

Currently, Tay Do University is continuing to promote the constructural development on 12.6 hectares of land in Le Binh Ward and Hung Thanh Ward, Cai Rang District, Can Tho City.

The university’s facilities include one main block (Block F) with one ground floor and five upper floors, one U-shaped block with one ground floor and three upper floors, and three ground floor blocks for learning, this takes up a total area of more than 59,000 m2 to meet the educational requirement of more than 10,000 students. The construction of unit blocks A and B was completed in February, 2016. These buildings consist of 5 floors plus 1 ground floor with a total area of more than 17,000 m2 and more than 24,756 m2 thus enlarging the teaching and learning facilities. In addition, there are two large halls with capacity for 400 and 800 people.

The university also has a library with over 24,000 books and 50 computers connected to the internet using ADSL, 10 computer labs with 500 computers for students, and 300 computers for the staff.

There are laboratories including Electronics Power Lab, Aquaculture and Biochemistry Lab, Physics Lab, Constructions Lab, General Biology Lab; General Chemistry Lab, Chemistry – Physics Lab, Organic Chemistry Lab; Chemical Analysis and Testing Lab, Central Lab, Biochemistry Lab; Microorganism Lab, Anatomy Lab; Medicinal Plant Lab, and Lab of Herbal Medicine  - Traditional Medicine.  Besides, there are also a Prescription Lab, a Patient Care Lab, a Pre-clinical Lab, a Skill Lab,  a Pharmacology Lab; a Lab of Clinical Pharmacology Laboratory – Physiology, a Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory and an  Experimental Fish Farm.

In addition, the university has built a football field, volleyball courts and fields for other sports training, to create a good environment for students’ entertainment and health.