10:50:45April 1st, 2024


The Center for Education Quality Assurance of Tay Do University (TDU) was established under Decision No. 81/QD-CTHDQT- DHTD on August 28th, 2019. Formerly known as the Center for Testing and Education Quality Assurance, it was established in 2009.


To advise the Rector on implementing objectives, strategies, policies, processes, regulations, and specific plans regarding educational quality assurance activities, as well as on executing quality assurance measures, which include:

  • Consulting and planning educational quality assurance activities.
  • Coordinating with TDU’s Departments, Faculties, and Centers to draft documents for implementing regulations, processes, and policies related to quality assurance.
  • Coordinating, deploying, guiding, urging, and supervising the implementation of TDU's quality self-assessment and quality assessment of training programs.
  • Coordinating and proposing the organization or nomination of staff to attend refresher training courses or short-term training courses on education accreditation and quality assurance.
  • Developing and implementing cooperation plans in the field of quality assurance with relevant organizations abroad and domestically.
  • Being on standby to assist the Council for Education Quality Assurance of TDU in organizing and implementing tasks related to accreditation and ensuring the quality of education.


No. Full name Position Email
1 Le Hoang Le Thuy Vice Director lhlthuy@tdu.edu.vn
2 Trieu Thai Duong Vice Director ttduong@tdu.edu.vn
3 Nguyen Thi Khanh Van Specialist ntkvan@tdu.edu.vn
4 Do Dang Trinh Specialist ddtrinh@tdu.edu.vn
5 Duong Ton Bao Specialist dtbao@tdu.edu.vn


  • Consolidate the internal quality assurance system and cultivate a quality culture within the University.
  • Continue implementing self-assessment and accreditation of the education quality of training programs and educational institutions in the next cycle following the Vietnamese accreditation standards.
  • Register for accreditation of the education quality of some training programs following the AUN-QA accreditation standards.