17:11:55April 2nd, 2024


Scientific research and international cooperation are the key functions of Tay Do University to meet the mission and vision to 2030 of improving the quality of training, scientific research and community development. Over the past 18 years, Tay Do University has gained remarkable achievements of scientific research that has contributed greatly to the socio-economic development of the Mekong Delta region.


Thanks to the financial support from the university and research cooperation with local districts and provinces in the Mekong Delta, scientific research results has been published and transferred through international and national scientific journals. For last five years, TDU has focused on major research areas such as Community tourism development based on homestay service; Tourist satisfaction with street food at tourist destinations in the Mekong Delta; Evaluation of potential and solutions on local tourism products development; Evaluation of chemical and biological compounds and functional food production from Polyscias fruticosa; Natural compounds of medicinal plants; Salinity intrusion on some aquaculture species: Impact and solutions; Studying on integrated aquaculture; Soil quality improvement for agriculture and aquaculture production; Food processing on fish and fruits; Application of IT in agricultural production management; Factors affecting the financial structure of joint stock commercial banks; Factors affecting supply chains… In addition, Tay Do University has successfully hosted and co-organized international conferences on Clinical Nutrition Care, Trade and Science-Technology Development in the Mekong Delta in the Contexto International Integration, The Impact of Factors for Can Tho City to Become a Regional Connectivity Hub, Vietnamese Culture - Linguistics - Literature - Arts in Southern Vietnam with the contribution of international speakers from American, Japanese, Australian, Hong Kong, Taiwan universities.

Regarding to the international cooperation, TDU has singed MOUs and MOAs with universities from the United States, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan. Among the collaboration projects, the one  with Tsukui Corporation (Japan) has offered job opportunities to nursing graduates to work in Japan. In 2023, TDU initiated a scholarship program with Kobe International University in which TDU students of nursing receive 100% scholarship to study Japanese and Kaigo skills at the university in 4 months before working at a nursing home in Japan.


In the coming years, scientific research at Tay Do University will be emphasized on Ecotourism, Responsible tourism and Sustainable tourism development in the Mekong Delta; Application of biotechnology in studying natural compounds for medicinal plant products; Fruits and food processing with high economic value; Adaptability to climate change in the areas of fisheries, agriculture and environment; Continuing study on the fields of Business administration, Finance and Banking. International cooperation in training and scientific research will be promoted to contribute to high quality human resources training in the Mekong Delta.