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Faculty of Engineering - Technology is a unit responsible for the professional management of the engineering disciplines at Tay Do University, established under Decision No. 08/2007/QD - DHTĐ on March 5, 2007 of the Rector. Tay Do University.


  • Advise the Board of Directors on the fields of professional activities of the Department;
  • Teach disciplines conducted by the faculty to perform the training work;
  • Conduct scientific research for management and teaching to ensure the quality of training.
  • Coordinate with units to implement joint training, student management (HS - SV) and other assigned activities.


Personnel organization:

  • The Dean (concurrently is the chairman of the Scientific Council of the Faculty, the Industry Advisory Council) provides general guidance.
  • Deputy Dean: is the assistant to the Dean, directly on behalf of the Dean directing the work within the specialized field.
  • The Faculty of Management Training Technology focuses on quality assurance, adopting an approach based on implementation capacity and participation in quality accreditation.


The Faculty of Engineering and Technology is gradually affirming its prestige in the field of training and scientific research through the following activities:

  • Give priority to inviting teachers, lecturers, scientists, and enterprises with experience and reputation in the fields of electrical and electronic engineering, telecommunications, and information technology to teach and share their vocational experience.
  • Enhance practical teaching and hands-on activities at enterprises in and around Can Tho City.
  • Compile curricula and materials for school students according to the standards of the Ministry of Education and Training.
  • Foster and improve the qualifications of the organic faculty and staff to meet the needs of Asian international integration training.
  • Research and guide students in implementing scientific research projects, graduation topics, and graduation theses with topics and results that have high practical applications in the Mekong Delta.
  • Improve existing training programs and develop new training programs according to ASEAN regional quality standards.
  • Expand 4.0 human resources training fields in engineering and technology, such as Nanotechnology, Robotics, Software Engineering, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, ...
  • Equip more modern laboratories to facilitate student internships; Maintain and develop clubs to satisfy the needs of engineering and technology exploration and discovery students.


  • Faculty of Engineering - Technology, 68 Tran Chien St., Le Binh Ward, Cai Rang Dist, Can Tho City
  • Phone: 02922.480.601 (working hours).
  • Email: ttf@tdu.edu.vn
  • Web: http://ttf.tdu.edu.vn