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The Department of Academic Affairs was established according to Decision No. 03/2006/QĐ-DHTĐ dated March 19, 2006, by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Tay Do University.


To advise and assist the Rector in managing educational activities, admissions, developing annual comprehensive plans, training programs, organizing implementation, monitoring teaching activities, and the learning of lecturers and students.


  • Develop, monitor, and propose adjustments to the training programs within the school's training systems.
  • Propose management measures for the training process; coordinate with departments, faculties, and functional units to research innovations, improve objectives, content, programs, textbooks, and teaching materials.
  • Monitor the teaching activities of lecturers and the learning situations of students; closely coordinate with functional units to propose measures to enhance effective management of teaching and learning activities for lecturers and students throughout the school.
  • Develop and coordinate annual training plans and establish semester schedules for each academic.
  • Coordinate in proposing enrollment targets and organizing annual admissions: planning, consulting admissions, receiving applications, conducting admissions assessments, and summoning successful candidates.
  • Implement admission-related tasks, reserve admission results, and fulfill other requirements as necessary.
  • Manage the database and student score management system of the entire school.
  • Review academic affairs and graduation conditions for students.
  • Organize the management and archival of graduation records and lists of students awarded graduation certificates from the school's training courses.
  • Manage and issue diplomas and certificates according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and the school's regulations.
  • Verify and issue copies of documents and certificates as required.
  • Serve as a permanent member of councils: admissions and councils for class promotion, suspension, and withdrawal for students.
  • Receive and process various types of documents and correspondence… related to training activities; handle petitions and complaints from students, study proposals submitted to the Principal for resolution of matters such as changing majors, transferring schools, pursuing double majors, retaining academic results, studying abroad, and student emigration.
  • Sign confirmations and issue necessary documents for students under the jurisdiction of the unit.
  • Consolidate the teaching workload of departments and subjects; reconcile and confirm teaching hours for all full-time lecturers and guest lecturers.
  • Implement synthesis work on training activities; organize quality assessments of training; adhere to reporting regimes as required by superiors and the school.
  • Chair the construction of internal management documents regarding admissions, training, and other related documents.
  • Coordinate effectively with units to utilize classrooms and lecture halls.
  • Coordinate with relevant units to implement evaluation and quality management of training.
  • Coordinate with specialized units to implement plans for classification and evaluation of the quality of the school's lecturers.
  • Coordinate with functional units to implement other tasks assigned by the Board of Directors and School Council.


No. Full Name Position Email
1 Le Phu Nguyen Hai Head of Training Department lpnhai@tdu.edu.vn
2 Huynh Thanh Danh Deputy Head of Department htdanh@tdu.edu.vn
3 Dang Huy Hoang Specialist dhhoang@tdu.edu.vn
4 Tran Thi Hong Loan Specialist tthloan@tdu.edu.vn
5 Le Thi My Trang Specialist ltmtrang@tdu.edu.vn
6 Tran Thanh Khuong Specialist ttkhuong@tdu.edu.vn


  • Department of Academic Affairs of Tay Do University
  • Add: 68 Tran Chien Street, Le Binh Ward, Cai Rang District, Can Tho City
  • Phone: 02923840666 - 02923840222
  • Email: pdtao@tdu.edu.vn
  • Webiste:https://daa.tdu.edu.vn