17:04:13March 29th, 2024


The current Inspection and Legal Committee of Tay Do University was established under Decision No. 767/QD-DHTĐ dated September 20, 2022 by the Principal of Tay Do University.


1 Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Minh Head
2 Ms. Truong Kim Phung Deputy Head
3 Mr. Nguyen Van Ba Commissioner
4 Mr. Le Van Son Commissioner
5 Ms. Le Hoang Le Thuy Commissioner
6 Mr. Le Phu Nguyen Hai Commissioner
7 Mr. Hang Van Kieng Commissioner
8 Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Huyen Commissioner
9 Mr. Nguyen Hoang Tho Commissioner - secretary
10 Mr. Nguyen Hoang Chuong Commissioner


  • The Inspection and Legal Department performs two functions: internal inspection and legal work.
  • Internal inspection activities involve identifying loopholes and inadequacies in the management activities of units, organizations, and individuals within the University. These activities aim to propose solutions to address and overcome these issues, prevent and detect violations of laws, internal rules, and regulations of the University, and assist units, organizations, and individuals within the University in implementing legal policies on education and related laws and policies. Additionally, the department resolves complaints and denunciations and prevents and combats corruption within the scope of the University's functions and tasks, as prescribed by law.
  • Legal work: The Inspection and Legal Department has the function of advising and advising the School Council and Principal on legal issues related to the organization, management and operations of the School; ensure that the School operates in accordance with the law and implements legal principles.


Internal inspection work

  • Inspect the implementation of policies and laws on higher education;
  • Inspect the implementation of educational goals, plans, programs, content and methods; professional regulations, examination regulations, issuance of diplomas and certificates; implementation of regulations on textbooks and lectures; financial and asset management; scientific and technological activities and international cooperation; staff organization work; implementation of regulations on conditions to ensure the quality of education of the School;
  • Inspect the implementation of laws related to the organization and activities of units, organizations and individuals belonging to and affiliated with the University;
  • Carry out the task of receiving citizens, being the focal point to help the Principal resolve complaints and denunciations within the School according to the provisions of law on complaints and denunciations;
  • Carry out the task of preventing and combating corruption in the field of education according to the provisions of law on prevention and combat of corruption;
  • Develop an inspection plan and submit it to the Principal for approval and organize the implementation of that plan according to the provisions of law;
  • Act as a focal point to help the Principal coordinate with relevant agencies, organizations and units on inspection work;
  • Report and summarize experience on inspection work; People's reception work, resolution of complaints and denunciations and anti-corruption work of the University at the request of the Principal and superior agencies;
  • Perform other tasks assigned by the Principal.

Legal work

  • Chair, advise, consult, and coordinate with relevant departments to advise and assist the School Council and Principal on legal issues of the unit; protect the legitimate rights and interests of the school and units; of officials, lecturers, staff and learners;
  • Help the School Council and Principal prepare comments for draft legal documents sent by agencies and units for comments; Make recommendations to competent authorities to amend, supplement or promulgate legal documents;
  • Participate in legal opinions on documents drafted by other units of the higher education institution before submitting to the Principal for signature;
  • Organize propaganda, dissemination and legal education; rules and regulations of relevant agencies and higher education institutions for officials, lecturers, staff and learners;
  • Coordinate with relevant functional departments to inspect and supervise the implementation of propaganda and education to raise legal awareness within the unit;
  • Preside over and coordinate with relevant units to help the School Council and Principal monitor, urge and inspect the implementation of State legal documents; documents on management, direction, and administration of the school and the unit;
  • Implement the regime of reporting the implementation of legal work to the education management agency and unit heads according to regulations.
  • Perform other tasks assigned by the School Council and Principal.


  • The department of inspection and legislation, 68, Tran Chien Street, Le Binh Ward, Cai Rang District, Can Tho City.
  • Website: https://dol.tdu.edu.vn
  • Email: bttpc@tdu.edu.vn