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The Office of Political and Student Affairs was established according to Decision No. 02/QD-DHTD dated January 15, 2009, as a unit under Tay Do University.

The office consists of 6 members, including 01 Head, 01 Deputy Head, and 04 officers.

It is responsible for advising and being accountable to the University Board of Directors in implementing political affairs and student management by the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and the university's regulations.


Dr. Nguyen Ha Quoc Tin Head of Department
Mr. Pham Thanh Mat Deputy Head of Department
Ms. Dang Bich Nhu Officer
Ms. Nguyen Thi Huynh Nhu Officer
Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Bich Officer
Mr. Tran Anh Tuan Officer


To advise and assist the Rector in organizing and managing political affairs, ideology, cultural and sports activities among students according to the guidelines, policies, and laws of the Party, government, and current regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and the university.

To be responsible for student management in accordance with current regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and the university's regulations.


Develop and submit to the Rector for approval programs and action plans regarding political and ideological education for students within the university; monitor and synthesize the ideological situation of students, promptly report to the Rector, and actively propose principles and reasonable measures to address related issues.

Organize propaganda on the Party’s guidelines, policies, and state laws, as well as the key directions and tasks of the university, to all students.

Manage the records of admitted candidates, and issue student and learner lists.

Organize “Citizenship Week for Students” at the beginning, end, and midway through the academic year; compile results and provide advice to the Rector for reporting to the Ministry of Education and Training.

Coordinate with other departments and organizations to organize opening and graduation ceremonies.

Organize the assessment of training performance points per semester and academic year.

Advise the Rector on confirming students’ eligibility for preferential policy benefits according to current state regulations and university policies.

Organize cultural, artistic, and sports competitions, as well as activities to encourage learning, training, and social engagement for students.

Coordinate with other units, Youth Union, and Student Union to monitor and propose commendation-reward and disciplinary actions for students.

Manage the off-campus information of students during their study period at the university.

Coordinate with the police, and families, under the direction of the Rector in cases related to students; send academic performance reports for the academic year, notify of academic dismissal (for parental feedback), and make decisions on academic dismissal to students' families.

Collaborate with the Center For Students Start-up Consultancy, Assistancy and Corporate Relations to implement tasks within the center's functions: job counseling, psychological counseling, social issues for students, etc.

Organize and manage information systems, advertising, and communication within the entire university, including bulletin systems, soft communication forms (banners, posters, etc.), and broadcasting content.

Organize information communication, and events serving the political and cultural activities of the university.

Organize regular annual dialogues between the Rector and students.

Assist the Rector in summarizing and evaluating student affairs, and reporting to the Ministry of Education and Training periodically.

Participate in councils including University and College Admissions Council, Graduation Recognition Council for students; commendation, reward, and disciplinary councils, and other tasks assigned by the Rector.

Coordinate with the Finance and Planning Department in implementing tuition fee collection.

Coordinate with the Department Of Academic Affairs to consider granting study encouragement scholarships and training incentives for students each academic year as regulated.